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Online Christian Counselling

Meet Jade

Navigating relationships can be challenging. We’ve all experienced misunderstandings, pain, and sometimes even caused pain to others. Whether you require pre-marital counselling to build a strong foundation, marriage counselling, support in journeying through infidelity and pornography issues, work, sports career related concerns or help with general relationship struggles within family and friendships, my 20+ years of experience can guide you through these times. 

I have a unique blend of expertise when it comes to relationships, having managed elite and high-profile sports professionals, leading an international non-profit organization, working cross-culturally and continuing to enjoy my own successful cross -cultural marriage for more than two decades, I understand the nuances and rewards of navigating cultural differences in personal and professional relationships. These diverse experiences allow me to offer comprehensive and empathetic support to my clients, helping them build and maintain strong, healthy relationships.

My eclectic approach draws from a diverse toolkit, including Motivational Interviewing (MI), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Solution-Focused Therapy, the Litchfields Family Model, the Prepare and Enrich Relationship Model, and spiritual interventions upon request. This allows me to meet the unique goals and needs of each client effectively.

I integrate evidence-based techniques and strategies to empower clients and their families to overcome challenges, achieve their objectives, and foster meaningful change. My dedication lies in guiding clients towards greater self-awareness, personal growth, and overall well-being, helping them thrive in all areas of life.

Taking the first step towards counseling can be daunting, but I aim to provide a safe space where you will be heard, validated, and empowered to achieve your therapeutic goals with confidence. Whether the issue is workplace, family, or sports-related, I am here to support you with tools and strategies designed to last a lifetime.







Racial Identity

Migration Settlement

Seasons of life transitions

Relationship Issues/ Conflict resolution

Sports Related issues

Trauma and PTSD

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