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What is Telehealth Counselling?

Online Counselling

Our counsellors are currently based in the Illawarra and Sydney but we also offer online counselling to clients Australia wide and overseas (excluding the US).  We use Zoom as a platform which is completely private and confidential giving you peace of mind as you engage in counselling. You can be anywhere as long as you have access to a phone or a computer that can manage video conferencing. Many of our clients enjoy sitting in their cars near the beach or somewhere quiet in accessing counselling. You can expect the session to last for an hour where we will allow you to take the lead in what you would like to work on in counselling. 

During telehealth counselling sessions our counsellors will provide you with support, guidance, and therapeutic interventions to help you manage a range of mental health concerns, such as depression, anxiety, stress, relationship issues, trauma, and more. These sessions are conducted in a similar manner to traditional face-to-face counselling where you will feel heard as we explore emotions, discuss challenges, and work towards personal growth and well-being. 

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