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We're all spiritual beings...

As Christians, we know this truth, that we are not just made up of physical matter, we have a soul, that part of a person that is eternal- that part that lives on after the body dies and decays. The meaning of spirituality can differ between each person but some may describe it as that part of each of us that is ultimately seeking connection with our Creator to understand who we are and why we're here, to give meaning to our experience in this world. We can see this truth in children from a young age when they start to ask why? Young and old, we long for these questions to find answers.

If our physical bodies need nourishment and exercise for physical wellbeing, what might it look like to nourish our souls? What does it look like for you? There are the stock standard answers, go to church, read the bible, pray. We know we "should" be doing those things, and they are important. But what might it look like for you to really slow down and notice what God is doing in your life? If you google the contemplative tradition, you will find a lot of thoughtful Christians who have examined the Scriptures to understand the art of "Being Still", they learnt how to quieten the mind through the discipline of meditation, cultivating the ability to capture thoughts and hold them captive to Christ. I love what Teilhard says "we cannot recognise God's hand and voice in the world without a special sensitizing of the eyes and ears and of our soul ('grace')". Just like physical exercise takes a bit of work, this act of exercising our soul takes some intentionality to purposefully slow down and see and hear what God is doing in us and those around us.

Okay so how do we do this? Being mindful of what God is doing in the present moment we can use the 4 C's;

  1. Contemplation-Involves deeply reflecting on God and his Word, not just engaging Scripture from the head but the heart, allowing it to sink deep into the soul

  2. Connection-This part is all about cultivating a deep connection with God, feeling his presence and acknowledging his sovereignty in our life, this extends to those around us and is a natural overflow from being in connection with God

  3. Centering-refers to the practise of calming the mind through focussing on God, letting go of distractions and center one's thoughts and emotions on Christ

  4. Commitment-this means committing to living out the insights and peace into everyday life and living according to Christian values, being a reflection of Christ's love and grace in daily interactions.

These practices are designed to give you space and rest, when you practice regularly you might find you have a lot of more peace and energy from being still, it's a little counterintuitive. Dr Katherine Thompson is one of those thoughtful Christians who has researched the benefits of mindfulness and from a Christian worldview, please visit our resources page where you can get a copy of her book.

Want to know more? We would love to send you some resources to practise slowing down and nurturing the soul, please get in touch with the team.

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