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Sometimes it's a pain in the neck...

Updated: May 25

Recently I experienced a pinched nerve in my neck which led to me being bed bound for a few days. It gave me time to think about my relationship with pain. Let's be honest, none of us like pain, we want to avoid it as much as we can. But I discovered that pain can actually expose us in a way that can grow us in the face of suffering. It certainly increased my empathy for those that are living with pain constantly and their incredible resilience. Here are some thoughts I discovered.

  • Pain can be frustrating, it seems the quicker we want it to leave, the longer it stays around.

  • Everyone has advice on how to fix it, from acupuncturists, to physiotherapists, chiropractors. I wonder if it makes people feel uncomfortable seeing someone else in pain that advice giving makes them feel like they are helping in some way.

  • I tried to avoid pain by watching Netflix, it worked for a little bit but then I just got bored and a little sad...

  • I tried some relaxation exercises and that actually helped a little or perhaps it was a placebo affect?

  • In the end it was just patience and time (and lots of prayer!) which helped the pain dissipate

Have you tried listening to your pain? It might seem a little scary to lean in rather than out but listening to pain can lead to a deeper understanding of its origins, triggers, and impact on one's life.

Imagine if your pain was actually a small child coming to you for comfort, would you turn your back on them? Or would you give them a warm hug and soothe them with loving words?

We have a wonderful team of qualified counsellors who are experienced in working with those experiencing all types of pain. We can help you to develop a relationship with this part of yourself which will allow you to accept, endure and heal from the impact that this pain is causing. We can help you develop a plan for managing the pain so that you can continue to do the things that are important in your life.

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